New Machinery FSI Power-Tech FSI D30 Track, D30 Track Remote

FSI D30 Track, D30 Track Remote

FSI Power-Tech – Self-Propelled

Optional Dozer Blade.

Self-propelled Stump cutter with Tracks and diesel engine, also available as a Remote Control Version with an option for Dozer Blade on both models.

The new track version increased the terrain capability, and thus transport to stumps that need to be removed has been optimised. Another great benefit is the extreme stability achieved when grinding down a stump because of the high dead weight.

FSI D30 TRACK is equipped with a 25 HP Kubota water-cooled diesel engine and a cutting disc that is 470 mm in diameter. Hydraulic cylinders provide the stump grinder’s up/down and sideways movement. The machine is 775 mm in width, and with the belts in the outer position, machine width is 1050 mm. Total weight is 950 kg.

All machine operation, including moving the stump grinder and grinding down stumps is executed via the handlebar, so the operator can stand behind the machine during operation and move towards the work site, and the panel can be turned during stump grinding, providing a good overview of the stump during the stump grinding process. An ergonomic safety bar on the panel functions as a support for the operator’s hands and as an emergency stop since it must be activated when moving the stump grinder and when grinding down stumps. To ensure maximum visibility and use, the machine is equipped with powerful LED work lights.

Is also availble with remote control (FSI D30 Track Remote). All machine operations for driving and stump cutting is done over the radio remote control. The radio remote control brings optimal view for driving and stump cutting.


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