New Machinery Avant Avant 860i

Avant 860i

Avant 800 Series

The biggest and strongest Avant with powerful lift capacity and lift height.

  • Lift capacity 1900 kg
  • Engine power 49-57 hp diesel
  • Lift height 3.5 m
  • Dual Drive Speed 26-30 km/h

See the Avant website for available attachments.

Length 3395 mm
Width (with standard wheels) 1490 mm
Height (with standard wheels) 2200 mm
Weight 2540 kg (2800 kg with Cab)
Standard wheels 380/55-17” TR
Transmission, drive hydrostatic, Avant Optidrive
Pulling force max 2100 kp
Drive speed 26-30 km/h
Aux. hydraulics oil flow / pressure 80 l/min 225 bar
Turning radius inside/outside 1370 mm / 2990 mm
Lifting height to pivot point 3.5 m
Tipping load 1900 kg
Max. breakout force / 50 cm 2200 kg
Engine make and type Kohler KDI 1903TCR Stage V
Engine output (ECE R120) 57hp
Maximum torque 220 Nm @ 1500 rpm
Fuel Diesel
Wheel size 380/55-17 TR
ROPS 2200 mm
Cab GT 2230 mm


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