New Machinery Kioti CX 2510

CX 2510

Kioti – CX Series

  • Kioti 3 Cylinder Engine 24.5 HP
  • Total displacement 1,647cc
  • Available as 2 range HST or 6F 2R gears
  • ROPS or factory fitted air con cabin
  • Linked pedal option on ROPS, STD, with cabin
  • HST cruise control STD
  • Max lift 740kg (24” after 546kg)
  • Max loader lift at highest point 481kg
  • 25 Ltr diesel tank
  • 43 LPM HYD oil flow
  • 1x D/A spool valve on rear
  • Loader j/stick STD, providing 2x D/A valves under driver platform
  • AGS / Turfs /Industrial
Engine Model 3A165LWH-E
Engine Gross Power 24.5 HP
Rated Speed 2600
No. of Cylinders 3
Fuel Type Diesel
Aspiration Natural
Displacement 1,647cc
Fuel Tank Capacity 25 litres
Max Travel Speed mech 19.07 km/h (11.85mph) / HST 21.74 km/h (13.50 mph)
Power Take-Off (PTO) Manual, Transmission / HST, Live
Rear PTO Speeds (1st) 540 rpm
Mid PTO Speeds 2,000 rpm (optional)
Brakes and Clutch
Brakes Wet Multi Disc
Clutch Dry Dual Stage
AG Tire Front 7-12/6
AG Tire Rear 11.2-16/6
Length w/ 3-point hitch 2,790 mm
Width 1,185 mm
Height from Top of ROPS:
CX2510 2,335
CX2510 N 2,048
CX2510 H 2,335
Wheelbase 1,520 mm
Ground Clearance 340 mm
Total Pump Flow 42.9 lpm
3-Point Hitch
Standard Category Cat. 1
Lift capacity at lift point 739 kg
Lift capacity at 24 in.behind lift point 546 kg
Control Type Position
Weight with ROPS:
CX2510 1,042 kg
CX2510 N 1,070 kg
CX2510 H 1,042 kg
Weight with CABIN (HST Only) 1,272 kg


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